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Common surgical mistakes happen more than you think

Despite their prevalence in movies, books and television shows, most people don't seem to think that medical mistakes happen very often. After all, doctors have years of training, as well as hands-on experience during their residency to prepare them to provide excellent care for their patients. Surgeons, in particular, hold a position of respect due to the complexity of the services they provide.

While that education and experience make surgeons competent to do things the average person wouldn't dream of, they don't mean that doctors or surgeons are immune from making mistakes at work. Unlike with the average employee, however, mistakes made by a surgeon can have major medical and financial consequences for the person being treated at the time of the mistake.

Trucking regulations aim to keep people safe on the roads

Truck drivers are meant to follow many different regulations. They need medical checkups and clearances, valid licensing, training and education. They have to follow distracted driving laws and obey speed limits. They have restrictions on how long they can work and how long they have to sleep when they're on the job.

Despite this, truck drivers cause many accidents each year. Many are a result of a lack of sleep, pushing for deadlines that are nearly impossible and violating a series of federal regulations.

How to recognize signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

Having to put a loved one in a nursing home isn't an easy decision, but it is sometimes necessary for that person's health and safety. The last thing that you expect when you have to do this is to find out that your loved one is being mistreated in the nursing home.

Any mistreatment of senior citizens in nursing homes should be addressed right away. Leaving these situations unchecked can lead to the resident suffering harm due to neglect and abuse.


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