Aggressively Defending Against DUI and Drug Charges

Oklahoma judges and prosecutors are known for taking a hard line on DUI charges and drug violations. As a result, what is often a one-time mistake can create multiple, long-lasting problems for offenders. Having an alcohol or drug charge on your criminal record can restrict your job, housing or educational opportunities in addition to putting limitations on certain rights.

If you want to protect your future, you need take action in the present. Accepting a plea bargain or hoping for leniency puts someone else in control of your options. By retaining an aggressive criminal defense attorney, you can work with a legal advocate who will act in your best interest throughout the criminal process.

Stephen Modovsky, lead drug and DUI lawyer at MODO LAW, is that advocate. For over 15 years, he has developed effective legal strategies for clients throughout Tulsa. Working with his team of legal professionals, Mr. Modovsky skillfully analyzes the details of each client's case, using his substantial understanding of state laws to tailor a targeted course of action to pursue. Contact MODO LAW today to learn about your legal options - AND IF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A FIGHT, MODOVSKY CAN DO THAT! GO MODO!

Offering Knowledgeable Counsel for Complex DUI and Drug Offenses

Whether you are confronting your first charge or have been charged with DUI or drug violations in the past, MODO LAW is qualified to handle a range of criminal defense matters, including:

  • DUI, including medication or drug-related DUI and repeat DUI defense
  • Minor in possession of alcohol (MIP)
  • Drug possession, manufacturing and trafficking
  • Prescription drug crimes, including prescription fraud, doctor shopping and illegal possession of prescription drugs

You may have made a mistake in the past; however, the MODO LAW team is dedicated to minimizing its impact on your future. Oklahoma laws give offenders their day in court. Make the most of this opportunity with skilled MODO LAW representation - - AND IF THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A FIGHT, MODOVSKY CAN DO THAT! GO MODO!

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